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My name is Agnes Balkanyi, I live in Budapest with my family and my dogs. I am the establishing of FCI Barzoi Kennel "TRIUMPHATOR" and the third generation of FCI Schnauzer kennel, "SASVÁRI". My grandpa, Béla Vadócz is the first breeder of Black Giant Schnauzers and Black&Silver Miniature Schnauzers in Hungary, he is FCI judge on shows and on working too. My mom dr. Éva Vadócz is the second generation of Sasvári Kennel, she is a vet & FCI judge. They bred many healthy-, champion Schnauzers over the world.

More than 12 years ago I seen-, studying and reading about the Barzojs. From the first thought (around 2002), that one time I will have a Barzoj, I seen the breed, litters and planning litters. Later I worked with a lovely male on the shows, I knew I need a puppy from his bloodline. Then I looked at the kennels, and I found kennel Cárok Öröksége, which had a very interesting combination at the time: the breeders mated their Ch. Tasha with the succesfull, ICh. French import Voursk de l'Hermitage d'Eole. So, I can't thought I'm in love with CÖ's red "devil" of litter "A". I had the first choice of the litter and my choice is Aphrodite (Samantha). Samantha finished her champions, at 2,5 years of age.

Later I had the opportunity to buy a new little sighthound. I brought a puppy from kennel Dober-kopp out of DK. Wizzard of Óz & DK. Black Sirocco. She is a funny and happy Barzoi, a true Fairy.

A dreams came true! Our first litter was born on 11th of April, 2013. The puppies represent my favourite Barzoi type. The true ancient Barzoi type with a little french elegance. They have nice- and strong bones, not so tall, but so strong, an elegance- long neck, a classic Barzoi head and elegance movement. They find the absolutely perfect loving owners in three different country. They made great work on the dogshows, what I did not dare to dream... They won more than 13 Best In Show placements and many nice placements in the other competitions in the main-rings in four different counries high quality shows, like German Borzoi Yearshow, Swiss Clubshow, Dannish Sighthound Show, Hungarian Speciality- & Clubshows... I am so proud of them. But the most important, that they live really happy and healthy life with they fantastical families. Our Z-angels' parents are the absolutely amazing DWZRV JCh. Ladianov aus dem Zarenreich & my successful IntCh. Samantha.

I am very thankful to Ladianov's breeder & owner, Mrs. Margrit Klug and our friend, Mr. Asztalos Árpád and to the Triumphator’s owners!

Agnes Balkanyi
Triumphator FCI Kennel

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