Litter V


Kapriznij Kavalir Wolkowo x Triumphator Yarashiel Yekahel

Breeder: Mrs. Helena Arh & Mr Davor Margeta, SLO; Owner: Mrs. Orsolya Buzsáki, H

     The callname of the lovely daddy is Umka. Umka is absolutely kind and energetic boy. He is a very promising hunter on Coursing fields. Have nice long head and neck, excellent angulations and strong deep chest and strong bones. His movement is very elegant and breed specific. I like his beautiful white & sable color also.
     Umka won nice titles on shows as Junior Clubwinner, Junior and Puppy Champion titles, Best Of Breed- and CACIB titles also. Sadly that he couldn't finish his adult Champion titles before the Covid-19, but I am sure he will do it! I am so happy that his health tests are excellent also: Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) N/N, Cardio Free, DCM negative and Eyes (PRA/CAT/PHTVL/PHPV/RD) free.
    Umka's parents are the amazin multiple winner/group/bis and multiple champion Kazar Wahid "Pimms" (C.I.B., MultipleCh. CruftsW&ResBOG Borzowski's Phenomenon - C.I.B., MultipleCh. Kazar Usalka) and Ch. Izvorotljivaja Irinka Wolkowo (C.I.B. Rothesby Sholwood Red Sky - C.I.B., WW'12. Galantnaja Galka Wolkowo).

Photo taken Pet  On Pictures / Zsófia Koppány 2021.

Breeder & Owner: Agnes Balkanyi, Triumphator kennel, H; Co-Owner: Kata Kálazi, Zelakozia Afghan Hound kennel, H

     Tiara is black and white with brindle markings colored Barzoj lady. She have nice long head, dark eyes and pure black pigmentation. She have long neck and correct angulations and strong bones. Her movement is energetic and breed specific. Her tail is long and she holds it correctly. She is a very kind, calm and balanced.
    Tiara is a successful lady on shows, she finished Champion Internationale de Beauté, Hungarian Show-, Adult-, Junior-, Puppy- and Minor Puppy Champions. She won two times Reserve Best In Show in Puppy class; won Best Of Breed and CACIB titles in three different countries. We are so proud, because she is offically the Best Puppy In Breed over the world in 2017 (Leipzig - Germany 2017 World Dog Show)!
    Her parents are the lovely light colored king, MultipleWinner, MultipleCh. C.I.B. Razumov aus dem Zarenreich (Multiple Winner and Champion Karamasov aus dem Zarenreich x Champion Blanda Aiton Mierzalosc Borzoi)  and Our crazy energy bomb: C.I.B. MultipleWinner. BIS. Triumphator Zarina Zelebsel (JCh. Ladianov aus dem Zarenreich x C.I.B. BIS. MultipleW. our one and only beloved Cárok Öröksége Aphrodite "Samantha").

1. photo taken Triumphator 2018 Budapest, Hungary / 2. photo taken Triumphator 2019 Pápa, Hungary


Triumphator Vasaggo Stephan "Quamik"
brindle-black and white male
Owner: Orsolya Buzsáki

Puppy BISS 3., 2x Very Promising, Puppy Speciality Winner

Triumphator Varcan Vatale "Boris"
sable-white male
Owner: Berényi Henriett

Very Promising, Puppy Clubwinner

Triumphator Vajovis Valnum "Kirov"
sable-white male
Owner: Baltavári Család

Triumphator Vohu Manah "Yana"
tricolor female
Owner: Agnes Balkanyi & Molnár Szilvia

Triumphator Vionairaba "Mimi"
sable-white female
Owner: Kálazi Kata

Triumphator Vrevoil "Ariel"
tricolor female
Owner: Kovács Ferenc

Triumphator Verchiel "Mashenka"
brindle-white female
Owner: Balkányi Ágnes & dr. Bebesi Zsuzsanna

1 months old age photos by Pet On Pictures, Koppány Zsófia









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1.5 weeks old females

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