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29. December 2016. – Happy Birthday Mommy!

On today Our beautiful queen, Samantha is 8 years old young! I am very thankful and proud of her, she is a most amazing dog, the best friend!
I wish very very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to her and her lovely siblings!

03. December 2016. - Photoshooting

On this day we was on "Red Riding Hood" photoshooting with my Zozito (MultiBIS., Int.Ch. Triumphator Zophiel) and the photographer,
Eva Iso taking a photo about us also. I got it, thanks a lot Eva for this lovely photo!

10. November 2016. - New Internationale Champion de Beauté

I am so happy, on today HJCh. HCh. HSCh. HGCh. INTCh. JBISS. BIS. SBIS. Triumphator Zophiel *Zozito* Internationale Champion de Beauté diplom has arrived! He won CACIB titles from Hungary (3 times), The Netherlands (2 times) and from Belgium (1 time)! He is the third Internationale Champion de Beauté in my Kennel, and the second who born in my Triumphator kennel. My first Int.Ch. Barzoi is Zozito's mom: Cárok Öröksége Aphrodite Samantha & the second is Zozito's sister: Triumphator Zarina Zelebsel.

23. October 2016. - Dunaújváros CAC Show

The last dog show in Hungary in this year, and it was successful. I go to with only one Barzoi, HJCh. HCh. Triumphator Zizuph "Nina", She made great job, because she was the best sighthound in this show, so she got Exc 1, CAC, BOB and BEST OF GROUP (from 8 Barzois) - with these titles Nina finished her HUNGARIAN SHOW CHAMPION title!! I am so proud of her! Huge thank You to the honourable specialist judge Mr. Kotlár Róbert (H)! He was the Barzois' judge on the last year's biggest dogshow in Belgium (the home of the FCI),
on the Brussels (and BeNeLux) Winner dogshow. Special thanks to Nina's super owner Horowitz Péter! Thank You for the photos to Blue Wolf Photography!


11. September 2016. - Salgótarján CAC Show

It was a very funny and happy day with my friends, Zsolti and Lilla! We will not meet together when will be my birthday.
But they like celebrating my birthday and I've got the very fine cake with on the top my Barzoi logo. The long trip worn out the cake,
but it was fantastic moment with my friends! Thank you very very much!! <3


IntCh. Triumphator Zarina Zelebsel started 4th time in Champion class on hungarian dogshows. We planning litter from her and
I like that she finish the all hungarian championships in adult classes before the mating. So we were on a CAC Dog Show at Salgótarján with our sweet princess, Zarina and she got an excellent titles: Excellent 1st, CAC, BOB and 3rd place in the BEST OF GROUP competition - with these titles Zarina finished her HUNGARIAN GRAND CHAMPION title! Huge thank you to the honourable judges dr. Balogh Zsuzsanna (H) and dr. Molnár Zsolt (RO)! Special thanks to our friends, for the great handling to Kozák Zsolt and for the amazing photos to Horváth Balázs,!
I handled a Magyar Agár, Illa Berek Avar and we won the BEST IN SHOW title!


28. August 2016. - Velencei-tó 2 CAC Show on 1 Day

I went to Velencei-tó 2x CAC Dogshow on 1 Day with my beautiful princess, Zarina and with our friend, Kriszti. I entered only IntCh. Triumphator Zarina Zelebsel, who made great job in the really hot weather! Her results are:

1st show:
judges was Mr. László István (breed judge from Hungary) and Mrs. Ruth Wagner (group judge from Luxemburg)
Champion class: Excellent 1, CAC, BOB and BEST OF GROUP

2nd show:
judges was Mrs. Ruth Wagner (breed judge from Luxemburg) and Mr. László István (group judge from Hunagary)
Champion class: Excellent 1, CAC, BOB and Reserve BEST OF GROUP

Huge thank You to the honourable judges! Special thanks to Kriszti for her help on the shows and to
Horváth Balázs, for the excellent photos!


28. August 2016. - New photos

We got amazing photos about our lovely Lujzi (HJCh. JBISS. Triumphator Zahariel)! Huge thank you to her loving owner: Kecskés Viktória!
Photos by Lac Skrach


22. August 2016. - New Internationale Champion

After that the certificate has arrived on 15th of August, on today BIS. Triumphator Zarina Zelebsel's INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION de Beauté-diplom arrived! I am so proud of my little fairy. After her mom, Samantha finished her INT.CH at her age 2,5 years old, now her little daughter did it also at her 2,5 years old in the last December. So, we are waiting the certificate and diplom for my Multi BIS. Ch. Triumphator Zophiel "Zozito" in the next two months.

14. August 2016. - New Photos

On today Dorottya visited us and she helped to take new photos about my sweeties...


13. August 2016. - Donaueschingen Sighthound Festival

On this show again only one Triumphator was started, he is MultiJBIS. JW. Triumphator Zarenerbe "Ladianov",  who started in the very strong Open class and he got 6th place out of 14 males! Thanks a lot to his lovely owner: Jeannette Rüttimann, Kuskaya's kennel, CH! Thank You for the photo to Barbara Wickli (Aeroflot's kennel)!

23. July 2016. - Visiting Zuphlas

On this day I traveling to visiting our sweet Triumphator Zuphlas and his lovely family. Zuphlas now is a very nice strong adult boy. I think he is a really super "clone" of his grandpa, MultiCh. Voursk de l'Hermitage d'Eole! More photos at "Zuphlas" album in the Gallery!

06. July 2016. - Surprise

I've got this amazing art from the very excellent artist: Teodóra Nagy! The Barzoi on this lovely art is our MultiBIS. Ch.... Triumphator Zophiel "Zozito"!
Huge thank you dearest Teodóra!

Contact of Teodóra:

24. June 2016. - Alsónémedi (HUN) MAVE Sighthound Club Show

On this really hot day Zozito (CIB. MBIS. Triumphator Zophiel) made excellent job! We was at Hungarian Clubshow and he got super titles:
Excellent 1, CAC, Clubwinner 2016, BOB and short listed (Top 5) in the Best In Show! Thank you very very much to the honourable specialist judge Mr. Arne Foss (N)! With this show our 2016's spring & summer "show seasion" finished. :-)

12. June 2016. - Rifferswil (CH) CAC-Show

The one and only MultiJBIS. Triumphator Zarenerbe *Ladianov* did it again!! He won Excellent 1st, CAC and Best Of Breed again!! Huge congratulations and many many thanks to his perfect loving owner: Jeannette Rüttimann (Kuskaya's Barzoi Kennel)!! Thanks a lot to the honourable specialist judge Mrs. Doris Getzinger from Austria!

04 & 05. June, 2016. - Budapest CACIB Grand Prix

I entered just to two days of Budapest Grand Prix Show weekend, I think I can be really proud of my Triumphator Barzois, because they won the best titles in breed and placements in the groups also.
On the first day my sweet Barzois are made nice job, Ch. Triumphator Zophiel * Zozito * got Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB & BOS (from Champion class) and his little sister: Ch. Triumphator Zizuph * Nina * got Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB & BOB, later in the main ring she was the 2nd best sighthound so she won Reserve Best Of Group (she started in open class) !! I am really proud and happy!! Thanks a lot to the honourable specialist judge Mr. Czeglédi Attila!!
On the second (our last) show day on this weekend the judge was the honourable specialist judge Mrs. Lisbeth Mach from Switzerland, a few times she judged my Z's mom; Samantha and she won many nice titles (as Bundessieger, Derby Winner...etc) from her. Now I am really happy, because Samantha's lovely childrens are got super titles on today. Ch. Triumphator Zarina Zelebsel *Zaza *got Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, Best Opposite Sex, Grand Prix Winner of Hungary-2016 and Zaza's beautiful brother: Ch. Triumphator Zophiel * Zozito * got Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, Grand Prix Winner of Hungary-2016 and later in the main ring Zozito won 2nd place in the FCI Group X (Reserve Best Of Group!). With this titles Zozito finished his HUNGARIAN GRAND CHAMPION! Thanks a lot to the honourable specialist judges Mrs Lisbeth Mach /CH/ (breed judge) and to Mr. Luis Pinto Texeira /P/ (group judge)! Thanks a lot for the photos to, Ákos Ritó & Sevend Dogs! 

28. May, 2016. - New photos about Zozito

We went to Alsónémedi with our friends and with Zozito. Laci made a few amazing photos of my lovely boy, Zozito. Thank You Laci!!
More photos you can see at Gallery.

07. May, 2016. - Freiburg Dog Show

On yesterday afternoon I've got so lovely photos and news from Ladianov (Triumphator Zarenerbe) and his wonderful dad, Ladianov (Ladianov aus dem Zarenreich)! I thank you so much to 'Little' Ladianov's perfect owner: Jeannette Rüttimann (Kuskayas Kennel) and huge congratulations to her and her dogs' amazing success on this show! I am very Proud and Happy!!

Triumphator Zarenerbe - Excellent 1st, CAC, Best Male & BOB

26. April, 2016. - Rest In Peace Vouki

On today I got a very sad news, that the 12,5 years old Voursk de l'Hermitage d'Eole went over the rainbow bridge.... Rest In Peace dearest Vouki! I thank You for Your amazing daughter and  grandchildren!

2004. 10. 11. - 2016. 04. 26. †

22. April, 2016. - New Photos

I got new photos about Our lovely dannish boy Triumphator Zotiel Zeki.
Thank You to his owner Jette Godskesen!


23. April, 2016. - Triumphator Hike I.

What a beautiful day was on yesterday. We were to hike to "Pap-Sziget" with Our lovely Barzois and friends. Thanks a lot for this day to my mom, Ida & Botond! The weather was very nice with lots of sunshine and not to cold in beautiful natural.

16. April, 2016. - Breeding licence

Ladianov (MultiJBIS. Triumphator Zarenerbe) did the Barsoi Club of Switzerland's breeding licence-test! Huge thank You to Ladi's owner: Jeannette Rüttimann (Kennel Kuskayas) for the photo and for everything!


OMG The time is goes really fast! On today 3 years old the TRIUMPHATOR KENNEL's Z-ANGELS !! We like wish really HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my 9 sweethearts!

Triumphator Zagzagel "Koda" (o: Miriam Dickenmann, CH);
Triumphator Zotiel Zeki (o: Jette Godskesen. DK);
JBISS. Triumphator Zarenerbe "Ladianov" (o: Jeannette Rüttimann, CH);
Triumphator Zuphlas "Zufi" (o: Krisztina Gondy, H);
IntCh. Triumphator Zophiel "Zozito";
 IntCh. Triumphator Zarina Zelebsel;
Ch. Triumphator Zizuph "Nina" (o: Peter Horowitz,H);
HJCh. Triumphator Zahariel "Lujzi" (o: Viktória Kecskés, H);
Ch. Triumphator Zavael "Mitsuko" (o: dr. Bebesi Zsuzsanna, H)

Many hugs and big kisses from Your "Mommy" & "Granny"!!

09. April, 2016. - Kaposvár

The judge was Mr. Bosnjak Tibor (SRB)... Better, if we aren't to talk about it....... :'D


27-28. March, 2016. - Happy and Peaceful Easter!

24. March, 2016. - Triumphator Zagzagel Koda

I've got amazing new photos about the lovely Koda! Huge thank you to his perfect loving owner, Miriam and to his photographer Susu Stolle (Suave Photographie)!


12. March, 2016. - MAVE Clubdinner

Only one Triumphator was entered to the 2015's award gala dinner. She is HJCh. HCh. Triumphator Zavael, who won TOP Barzoi Female 2015 and Hungarian Beauty Winner Female 2015. Congratulations to her owner dr. Bebesi Zsuzsanna!


18. February, 2016. - FeHoVa Winter Dogshow

We entered only one dog to only one day to FeHoVa Winter Dogshows. This day was the first day, and the dog who come with us was Ch. Triumphator Zophiel *Zozito*. He got very nice titles, he won Excellent 1st, CAC, CACIB and Best Of Breed, with this CACIB title Zozito finished his INTERNATIONALE CHAMPION and started his Hungarian Grand Champion. Huge thank You to the honourable judge Mr László István!! Thank you for the photo!

05. February, 2016 - New Photo

01. January, 2016. - Happy New Year!

New Year New plans. Because Our Show-Year was ended in december in the last year, Our dogs are on holidays. Our plans that Our dogs are complete they begun Champions.