2023. September 16. - Agár Klub Old Style Clubshow

Two Triumphators started on this show, Triumphator Vrevoil "Ariel" (Kapriznij Kavalir Wolkowo x Triumphator Yarashiel Yekahel) started in open class females, where she got Excellent 3rd. Her cousin, Triumphator Uraios Uriron "Lana" (Vasart Na Pole On Pobeditel x Triumphator Yekaterina Sankovskaya) started in puppy class and she won Very pronising 1st and Best Puppy In Breed (3 puppies was at this show). Thank you for the honourable specialist judge Mrs. Wilfiede Scwerm-Hahne from Germany (She is a vice president of the FCI Eurosighthound Board)! Thank you for the lovely photos to Yulia Stepanova & Szalánczi Gábor!!


more photos at here .

2023. September 09. - Jakabszállás (HU) All Breed CACIB Dogshow

Our little princess, Triumphator Uraios Uriron "Lana" made amazing debut in puppy class at her very very young age, only 6 months old. We entered
strict sighthound specialist judge Mr. Czeglédi Attila, HU. Lana doing proffessional work in the rings as adult multiple winners dogs and finally won
Best Puppy In Breed and finally she won Puppy BEST IN SHOW - the judge was dr. Tesics György (specialist judge)! The cherry on the cake, we travelled back to Sunday's show because the "Supreme final", where Lana finished Res. Supreme Best In Show / judge was Mr. Louis Kruger (South Africa)!
Thank you very much for these amazing results for the honourable specialist judges! Thank you for the excellent photos to Szalánczi Gábor!

more photos at here .

2023. August 05-06. - Show news from Slovakia

On the first day early morning we are started to Lana's first shows, but she did great job and made my so proud in every moment on this weekend.

The first show was the biggest sighthound show in Europe, the Eurosighthound Show, where the honourable judges was:
Breed - Mr. Martin Baskaran from Spain, he is the president of the Sighthound Club of Spain
Minor Puppy BIS - Mr. Gerard Jipping from The Netherlands, he is a president of the FCI Eurosighthound
Triumphator Uraios Uriron "Lana" got Very Promising 1st, Best Baby In Breed and Res. BEST IN SHOW Minor Puppy

The second show was the Crystal Sighthound Clubshow, where the honourable judges was:
Breed - Mr. Willem Buitenkamp from The Netherlands, he judged my Zozito and Zarina at Amsterdam Winner Show in 2015 (where my Zozito got Best Of Breed!)
Minor Puppy BIS - dr. Jakkel Tamás from Hungary, he is the president of the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI)
Triumphator Uraios Uriron "Lana" won what a dog can in her age on a dogshow. She got Very Promising 1st, Best Baby In Breed and finally
BEST IN SHOW Minor Puppy!

I am very thankful to all honourable specialist judges for they really kind words about my baby lady, Lana!- and also for the beautiful titles what she got from them! Thank You soooo much!

Thank you very much for the lovely photos to Szalánczi Gábor!
more photos at here .

2023. July 22 - New photos

On today started my holiday week so I think I take some photos about Our dirty baby ladies.

more photos at here .

2023. July 1 - New home

Triumphator Uvael moved to her perfect new loving family. We are so happy that she find a fantastical new family!


2023. June 17 - New photos

On today Szalánczi Gábor visited us with his camera to take some photos about Our Barzois. Thank You Gábor for these fantastical photos!


more photos
at here .

2023. June 11 - New photos

On today Gombos Erika visited us with his camera to take some photos about Our Baby Barzois. Thank You Erika for these fantastical photos!

more photos
at here .

2023. May 27.- Jászberény CAC

Triumphator Yarkaya has started on this show and she doing great job as well. She started in Champion class and she won it and the breed titles also she was placed in the lovely quality FCI Group X. Finally she got Excellent 1st, CAC, BEST OF BREED and BEST OF GROUP 3rd!
Thank you very much for the honourable judges: dr. Balogh Zsuzsanna and Mr László István! Thank you very much for the quality photos to Kózel Gyula!


2023. May - Puppies

Our dear friend, László Balogh visited us with his camera and made some photos about
Our baby ladies (two princesses are available to forever perfect loving home); 
and oldies: Zozito & Zarina also!



 2023. March - Tartuffe in theater with Tiara
  Our lovely C.I.B. Triumphator Yarashiel Yekahel 'Tiara' will appear in the theater on the last week of April.
Thank You L. Péterfi Csaba, that you thinking again of Triumphator Barzojs!


2023. March 23. - Rest In Peace Nina
   You can read Nina's history on her site, and soon we will upload videos about her recovery after her accident.

Triumphator Zizuph "Nina"

2023. March 1st - New Babies has arrived
     Four beautiful princesses born on 1st of March. All baby ladies and thes mom are doing well. They have beautiful colors, one grey- and beige stained on white,
one beige-white with black mask, and two babies are sable stained on white.



2023. February - New Babies
      The proud parents are:

JWW.+JBOB'18. C.I.B. MultipleCh. Triumphator Yekaterina Sankovskaya "Babus" & C.I.B. Multiple.Ch. Vasart Na Pole On Pobeditel "Polik"
Thank You Henrietta Pálocska, Olga Daskova and Enrico Stefanizzi!



 2023. January - New Babies
       We are happy to report that our trip in December was a success, and we are expecting the birth of our next litter by the first week of March!
Soon we wil make publish the proud parents, the daddy is a russian imported male and the mommy,who is a most successful female in Our kennel.



2022. November - New Grand Champion of Hungary
        Our lovely princess, Triumphator Yarkaya's diplom has arrived! It's offical from now, that she is a new HUNGARIAN GRAND CHAMPION!



2022. November - Coursing at Siófok (H)
        HJCh. Triumphator Vasaggo Stephan “Quamik” started his coursing licence; and made his first step for races, got the solo licence! Well done!! I am very proud
        of you! Quamik owned by Buzsáki Orsolya; Photos by Koppány Zsófia (Pet On Pictures)


2022. October 22 - Komárom CACIB & MAFE Clubshow
        On 22th of October we travelled to Komárom with my red sparrow, HJCh. HCh. HSCh. Triumphator Yarkaya - she started in champion class on CACIB
and MAFE Clubshow also. She won her class on both shows and now (4 years after a terrible breaking her leg) finished her
🏆 Hungarian Grand Champion 🏆 title! Thank you for the honourable judges Mr. Dusan Paunovic (SRB) & Mr. Petru Muntean (RO)!
Huge thank you for the amazing photos to Kózel Gyula!



2022. September 30. - Zozito's genetics test results arrived

I was curious, so I sent our love, MultipleBIS. MultipleW. C.I.B. Triumphator Zophiel “Zozito”s blood
to Laboklin laboratory for a few of they “recommended for Barzojs” and a few plus genetics tests and we got his perfect results:
Dilated Cardiomyelopathy DCM2 - N/N
Dilated Cardiomyelopathy DCM1 - N/N
Hyperuricosuria SLC - N/N
Chondrodysplasia CDPA - N/N
Chondrodystrophy CDDY & IVDD risk - N/N

He also made at his young age genetics test for:
Degenerativ Myelopathy DM - N/N result.



2022. September 29. - Master breeder certificate

On today I've got the Master Breeder Certificate! I am so happy for it!


2022. September 10-11. - Agár Klub - Speciál CAC & Klubkiállítás

ShowCh. Triumphator Yarkaya was entered just for fun on saturday's clubshow,but HJCh. Triumphator Vasaggo Stephan "Quamik"
won the Junior class and got HPJ and Best Junior In Breed on Speciality Show (Sunday) from the honourable sighthound specialist
 judge Mrs. Iveta Vojtekova, Slovakia - from the world famous Gandamak Afghan Hound- & Whippet kennel! Thank you very much!
 Special thanks to Quamik perfect loving mommy: Buzsáki Orsolya and her family!

Thank you for the photos to Zsófia Koppány, Pet On Pictures!



2022. June 04. - Herend CACIB Dogshow

 I entered Our sweet Yarkaya to Herend CACIB dogshows’ 1st day; Sadly I can’t seen the judgement on today, because my broken finger...
But my mom showed Our own bred princess. HJCh. HCh. HSCh. Triumphator Yarkaya at Herend CACIB Shows 1st day (entered only this day)
 got Excellent 1, CAC ,CACIB, BOB titles. It was Yarkaya's third show in this year, her third time started in champion class and also third time won
the Best Of Breed title! And her nephew, Triumphator Varcan Vatale "Boris" was entered on two days and he got Excellent on both shows!
Thank you to Henriett Berényi (Boris's owner) for her love and care what she give to Boris! ❤  Thank you to my mom for Yarkaya's presentation! ❤
Thank You for the judges: Mr. László István (H) and Refet Hadžić (BIH)! Thank You for the photos to Horváth Balázs,!



2022. May 14. - Miskolc CAC Dogshow

Two Triumphators started on this show at Miskolc. The first one is the young male Triumphator Vasaggo Stephan "Quamik"
(owned by Buzsáki Orsolya) won his junior class and got Excellent 1st with HPJ title, also he won the Best Junior in Breed title!
The other one own-bred who came with us is Ch. Triumphator Yarkaya, our smallest and sweetest princess, who flying in the ring. She
second time started in champion class, and she won Excellent 1st, CAC, Best Of Breed, Best Of Group and finally Best In Show 3rd place!
I am a really proud breeder!
Thank you very much to Orsolya for her love and care what give to our young prince, Quamik and also huge congratulations
for nice results with her boys; Quamik's daddy's  (Kapriznij Kavalir Wolkowo "Umka") Excellent 1, CAC, and BOS (as best male) titles!
Thank You very much for the photos to Kózel Gyula, Buzsáki Istvánné & Kozma János!




2022. April 30. - Pécs CACIB Dogshow

The 13 months old boy, Triumphator Varcan Vatale "Boris" was at here with his perfect loving owner,
Berényi Henriett and they made great job! Boris got Excellent1, HPJ, Best Junior In Breed and Best Opposite Sex (Best Male!)
Huge congratulations and thanks a lot to Heni for her love and care what she give to this young boy!
Also thank you to the judge, Vija Klučniece (LV); and for the photot to Horváth Balázs,!


2022. April 11. - Happy 9th Birthday to "Z Angels" litter

Happy birthday to Our beloved “babies”!

Our very first Barzoi litter, The “Z Angels puppies” are 9 years old on today!

Triumphator Zagzagel “Koda” - Miriam Dickenmann, CH
 Triumphator Zotiel Zeki - Jette Godskesen, DK
Triumphator Zuphlas “Zufi” - Gondy Krisztina, H
 Triumphator Zarenerbe “Ladianov” - Eduard Hess, CH
️ Triumphator Zizuph “Nina” - Triumphator kennel
️ Triumphator Zarina Zelebsel - Triumphator kennel
 Triumphator Zophiel “Zozito” - Triumphator kennel
Triumphator Zavael “Mitsuko” - dr. Bebesi Zsuzsanna, H
Triumphator Zahariel “Lujzi” - Kecskès Viktória, H

Parents are Ladianov aus dem Zarenreich & Cárok Öröksége Aphrodite “Samantha”


2022. April 09. - Kaposvár Hunter Dog CAC Show

Our beloved veteran lady, C.I.B. Triumphator Zarina Zelebsel (Ladianov aus dem Zarenreich x Càrok Öröksége Aphrodite “Samantha”) started on this show with
her daughter, ShowCh. Triumphator Yarkaya (Razumov aus dem Zarenreich x Triumphator Zarina Zelebsel), who started first time in champion class after more
than 2 years of omission of shows. We are go to because we have lovely memories from this place when Zarina won her Best In Show title at here in 2014’s October... She got this super titles from the honourable specialist judge dr. Balogh Zsuzsanna, who was the judge for Barzojs in 2022. In this year Zarina again
got nice titles as the Best Veteran and Veteran CAC, she finished her new and also last Champion title, the Hungarian Veteran Champion! Zarina’s daughter,
Yarkaya surprised us, she started her champion show career with style: won Champion class and later she won the Best Of Breed also! Sadly, we can’t wait the
Best In Show. Thank you for the honourable specialist judge dr. Balogh Zsuzsanna! Thank you our friend, Kriszti for your help! Thank you for the photos for
Szalánczi Gábor! Congratulatios for other entered Barzojs’ owners!


2022. February 19. - FeHoVa Winter Dogshow

We entered only for today because my work and programs. I thank you so much to my super great friends for they help and work with Triumphators! I can’t say
huge thank you enugh! Honourable specialist judge: Mr. Róbert Kotlár. Three Triumphators are entered to the show and both of them was in the Best Of Breed competition! The results are Triumphator Varcan Vatale “Boris” - Junior class male - Excellent 1, HPJ / Junior winner;  MultipleCh. MultipleW. JWW+JBOB.
Triumphator Yekaterina Sankovskaya "Babus" - Champion class female - Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, Best Of Group IV., new Champion Internationale de
Beauté and  MultipleW. BIS. C.I.B. Triumphator Zarina Zelebsel "Zaza" - Veteran class female - Excellent 1, CAC, Best Veteran In Breed!
Huge thank you to Our friends: Kalazi Kata - Zelakozia Afghan Hound Kennel for the amazing grooming; Ilyés Zoltán for his proffessional handling;
Berényi Henriett (Boris’s owner) for her work and care with Boris; Gondy Krisztina, Veróczki Dóri for they help and hospitality; Szalánczi Gábor - for the photos!
Thank You very much!

© Triumphator FCI Barzoi Kennel