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28. February 2021. - New babies on the way

After 4 years our new puppies on the way!
On today morning we was at ultrasound check, and we got excellent news: Tiara's pregnancy has confirmed!
Puppies wil birth around 25 of March


HMPGW.HPGW.HJCh.Cl.JW.'19. Kapriznij Kavalir Wolkowo "Umka" - HMPGW.HPGW.HJCh.HCh.GR.Ch.HSCh.CIB.Triumphator Yarashiel Yekahel "Tiara" Both parents health tests are negative/free/clear/normal.


16. February 2021. - Happy birthday Y litter!

We wish really happy 4th birthday for our darlings;
Triumphator Yeovil Mitja
Triumphator Yaasriel Yorek
Triumphator Yahoel
Triumphator Yadkin
Triumphator Yekaterina Sankovskaya
Triumphator Yefefiah Yakira
Triumphator Yaroslava
Triumphator Yarashiel Yekahel
Triumphator Yvonna Á Hermitage
 Triumphator Yarkaya

We wish happy-, healthy years together with they loving owners!
Thank a lot to they family for the all love what they give to they “little” Triumphators!