Triumphator Zizuph *Nina*

    Date of Birth: 11th, April 2013.
    Date of Death: 23th March 2023.

    Father:  DWZRV-JCh.
    Mother: C.I.B., HVCh, HGCh, HSCh, HCh, HJCh.

    Champions: Hungarian Show Champion
                Hungarian Champion

                Hungarian Junior Champion

    Major wins: Junior Best In Show III.
                BOG, 2x R.BOG
                Speciality Winner 2015

Breed titles: 3x BOB, 2x BOS, J-BOB
    Health tests: Degenerative Myelopathy DM - N/N
                Cardio free
                General thyroid health checks - OK
                Correct- & Complete Toothing

        Life of a sighthound in a few words....

    Many months before our first litter was born a very excited applicant was calling us weekly and was waiting for the new arrivals. As the puppies arrived he was calling us almost every  day, to get information about the puppies, and as soon as it was possible
he was coming to  visit the litter as well. It seemed that he really wanted one of our princess.

Everything was running as it
should. He chose his puppy, and gave a name for her "Szellő". But on the day when he had to come to pick up his puppy, we got a text message with a few words that he changed his mind and does not want the puppy. We accepted this, and the puppy was looking again for her forever home.
A Few months later we got a call from a man, that he is looking for a puppy for his friend as a birthday present. We informed him that is impossible in this way, and we can only give the puppy if we can meet and talk with the future owner. We didn't want to destroy the surprise with him so we arrived directly to the birthday party with the puppy. The man who had birthday was crying when he noticed the puppy. He informed us that he had borzoi in the past. He gave the name Nina to her and they were living happily together for many years.
When Nina was 5 years old during the night we got a call that she had an accident. We immediately drove there. Nina was laying next to the fence and her back legs were not moving. We put her in the car and drove to the Juhász Clinic where she got perfect care during the middle of the night. We took her home from the hospital for recovery. Unfortunately we didn't see any improvement so we took her for an MRI to the PrimaVet. Based on the MRI scanning the problem was serious and inoperable. The spine was damaged but the vertebrates moved back to the normal position. They gave us 3 month for rehabilitation. We didn't gave up. From day to day we noticed really minor improvements like small finger moving. After 3 month we started her physiotherapy a with lot of hope. Thank you so much for the effort to Viktoria Galántai, Szandra Tréfás, Dr. Éva Mihályfi!
Ninas movement never became perfect but she was able to live a normal and healthy life. When she was able to move normally again, she moved back to her owners.
When the family went for a holiday she came back to us. Unfortunately during her stay she got an ulcer torsion, so we went with her again to the Juhász Clinic, where dr Zoltán András made a lifesaving operation on her. She was recovering smoothly. But her owner made a decision that he doesn't want to get back her. As she stayed with us she became a dog of my Mum. My Mum was the person who spent with her the most of time in her entire life. They were walking 3 times every day, sometimes in the forest as well.
Unfortunately 3 weeks before her 10th birthday her condition dramatically collapsed. She didn't eat, didn't drink at all, had a fever, and her back legs paralyzed.
After the clinical examination the only way was to let her go.... Ninus left this life on 23.03.2023 at 1:30am       

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