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Cárok Öröksége Aphrodite "Samantha" x Ladianov aus dem Zarenreich

Breeder & Owner: Mrs. Margrit Klug, aus dem Zarenreich kennel, D

     The father is LADIANOV AUS DEM ZARENREICH. He have a very nice and strong bones. His limb angulations are correct and parallel. He and his predecessors have correct complet toothing. Ladianov have correct, nice topline and excellent-, deep chest. His movement is wonderful. He is very kindness and obedient male, but however he is really great hunter. He have a normal height, very strong male, I think whom need in the breeding of this wonderful breed. He have nice results and he have DM (Degenerative Myelopathie) test, where the result is N/N (ergo perfect result). Ladianov's father is Ulanov Troykaia Polozovich de Xanishka, most succesful and many BIS winner, he live in Belgium; Ladianov's mother is Aischa aus dem Zarenreich, out of very succesful Charmeur van Pazjino and champion Preletna aus dem Zarenreich. Aischa is sister of Anischka, who had only one litter, where born 11 puppy, they won 5 World and European winners.

Breeder: Brezovai Adrienn, H;    Owner: Agnes Balkanyi, Triumphator kennel, H

     The mother is my, really succesful. HJCh. HCh. HGRCh. HSCh. ICh. / CIB. Bdsg. Cárok Öröksége Aphrodite "Samantha". She is tipical French. She Is not big (73 cms height), but strong and muscular, yet elegant with a classical Barzoi head, nice long neck & wonderful, energetic flying movement. Samantha has a intesive fire red color. She and his predecessors have correct complet toothing! Her character is very interesting, she very kind with us, mistrustful of strangers, she isn't agressive, but she protect the house and her family.
    She got her speciality titles from the breed specialist judge, like Mrs. Lisbeth Mach, Mrs. Marie Christine Delabelle, Mr. Guenther Ehrenreich, Mr. Kazimierz Rychlik, Mr. Tamás Jakkel dr., Mr. Andras Korozs... and more recognized judges from 11 countries. Her father is the very succesful MultiCh. Voursk de l'Hermitage d'Eole (who has only two litter) out of Ruslan St. Rogoff Impérial de Perchinosskaia & Sibelle az Aftab Faizabad. Her mother is the lovely Ch.Szellőtánc Zakifi Tasha (who has only one litter) out of the wonderful red male, Ch. and big hunter Atamán Imya Zaki & the beautiful Ch. Dober-kopp Dobai Déli Szél.


Triumphator Zarenerbe
brindle-white male, owned by Jeannette Rüttimann, Switzerland

3x Junior Best In Show, 3°Junior Best In Show, Baby Best In Show,
Junior Winner of Donaueschingen 2014, Jahresjugendsieger 2014, Landesjugendsieger,
Junior Clubwinner 2014, Baby Grand Prix Winner 2013, Coursing Licence


Triumphator Zagzagel "Koda"
(2013.04.11.-2022.01.27. Unspecified/Other Poisoning or Overdose)
brindle-white male, owned by Miriam Dickenmann, Switzerland

Very Promising 1st (on Speciality Shows)


Triumphator Zotiel Zeki
(2013.04.13.-2019.03.20. unfortunately we don't know anything...)
brindle-white male, owned by Jette Godskesen, Denmark

3°Best In Show, Junior Best In Show Speciality, Res. Junior Best In Show,
2x Res.Cert, CK


Triumphator Zuphlas
(2013.04.11.-2021.07.16. Poisoning with mouse or rat poison)
brindle&white male, owned by Gondy Krisztina, Hungary


Triumphator Zophiel
brindle&white male, owned by Balkányi Ágnes, Hungary

Internationale Champion de Beauté, Hungarian Grand Champion, Hungarian Show Champion, Hungarian Champion, Hungarian Junior Champion,
Supreme Best In Show, Best In Show, Res. Best In Show, 2x Best In Show III. (on Club- & Speciality Shows), 3x Junior Best In Show Speciality, 5x BOG,
3x Res.BOG, 5x 3°BOG, Clubwinner 2016-2017, Best Head 2017, Speciality Winner 2017., Holland Cup Winner 2015., Amsterdam Winner 2015.,
BeNeLux Winner 2015., Belgian Winner 2015., Grand Prix Winner 2015-16., 3x Junior Speciality Winner 2014., 18x BOB, 2x BOS, 7x CACIB, 3x R.CACIB, 24x CAC, 9x HPJ, 2015. TOP Barzoj Male in Netherlands -3rd place!! (He started on only two shows!), 2017. TOP Sighthound in Hungary,
2017. Hungarian Beauty Winner, 2017. Sighthound of The Year, Dilated Cardiomyelopathy DCM2 - N/N, Dilated Cardiomyelopathy DCM1 - N/N,
Hyperuricosuria SLC - N/N, Chondrodysplasia CDPA - N/N, Chondrodystrophy CDDY & IVDD risk - N/N, Degenerative Myelopathy N/N, Cardio free,
General thyroid health checks - OK


Triumphator Zarina Zelebsel
brindle-white female, owned by Balkányi Ágnes, Hungary

International Champion de Beauté, Hungarian Veteran Champion, Hungarian Grand Champion, Hungarian Show Champion, Hungarian Champion,
Hungarian Junior Champion, Best In Show, 2x BOG, R.BOG, 2x 3°BOG, Holland Cup Winner 2015, Grand Prix Winner 2014-15-16., Hungarian Derby Winner 2014.,
6x BOB, 8x BOS, 7x CACIB, 14x CAC, Res.CAC, Reserva di CAC ( Milano-WDS 2015 - 2nd best female from the all intermediate-, open-and working class females), 3x HPJ, 2x VP, #1st TOP Sighthound 2016. (H), #1st Hungarian Beauty Winner 2016. (H), #1st TOP Barzoj Female 2016. (H), #13th TOP Barzoj 2015 (from 39!-She started on only 2 shows) (NL), Degenerative Myelopathy N/N, DCM negative, Cardio free, General thyroid health checks - OK


Triumphator Zahariel "Luisa"
white-brindle female, Owned by Kecskés Viktória, Hungary

Hungarian Junior Champion, 3x HPJ, 2x CAC, 2x ResCACIB, ResCAC, J-BOB, 2x BOS, Junior Clubwinner of Hungary, Junior Best In Show, MAVE Coursing Club Championship Winner 2015, Mom of Eleven Aircrafts kennel's 'A' litter


Triumphator Zavael "Mitsuko"
brinde-white female, Owned by dr. Bebesi Zsuzsanna, Hungary

Hungarian Junior Champion, Hungarian Champion, 4x CAC, 3xHPJ, 2x JBOB, 5xVP1, 3x BOB Minor Puppy, Meilleur bébé Geneva CACIB 2013., Res. CACIB, CACIB, BOB, BOS, Vice Minor Puppy European Winner 2013., TOP Sighthound III. 2015, Hungarian Beauty Winner III. 2015


Triumphator Zizuph - Nina

brindle-white female, Owned by dr. Vadócz Éva & Balkányi Ágnes

Hungarian Show Champion, Hungarian Champion, Hungarian Junior Champion, Junior Best In Show III., BOG, 2x R.BOG, Speciality Winner 2015, 3x BOB, 2x BOS, J-BOB, CACIB, Res.CACIB, 6x CAC, 3x HPJ, Cardio free, DCM negative, Degenerative Myelopathy N/N  

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